We are a small congregation in numbers but large in heart sitting back on Eight Mile Road in Anderson Township just a few doors down from Summit Elementary School — right in the neighborhood!  Every day we look forward to knowing our neighbors more and more as we seek to share the love of Jesus with them in hopeful ways.

Everyone is welcomed here with smiles and open arms.  We are very friendly and love to have people come and visit us and it’s even better when people want to come and stay and be involved in the life of our church family.  We are predominantly an enthusiastic older congregation that loves young people and children.  Each Sunday during our Children’s Moments in Worship they brighten the day with their sense of fun, wisdom, and bright hope.

We believe that we can do more together than apart to make a difference in our neighborhood, in our country, and around the world.  Check out our “About Us” or “Missions” tab to learn more about where we are currently connecting to share Jesus with our neighbors.